True wellness exists when your mind, body and spirit are at Peace and in Harmony.
Amasde Holistic Healing Centre strives to bring that balance.

Our Services

Without restricting ourselves to any boundaries, we incorporate every treatment accessible to bring the most comfortable healing experience and results.

Stress Management

Diabetes Management

Obesity Management

Arthritis Management

Breathing Techniques

Hormonal Imbalance: Hair Loss, PCOD

Holistic Skin Treatments

Teachers Training Course (Yoga)


Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy


Pranic, Reiki and Theta Healing

Integrative Allopathic Treatments

Divination, Spiritual Astrology, Runes

Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy


We organize and conduct spiritual and wellness retreats at our very own centre in Gurgaon. Other locations where we conduct program sessions are Rishikesh, Chamba, Dharmshala, Goa and Bali.

Our Products


Scientists of old discovered a technique of infusing cloth with Ayurvedic herbs and preserved it in a science known as AyurVastra. They discovered that as the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is best suited to absorb medicines to heal both the body and mind.

AyurRama has revived this ancient wisdom to develop a range of Yoga and Casual wear for all age and body types, formulated for general well-being using herb infused organic cotton created by Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala.


Aveil was created to redevelop common cosmetic and healing products by bringing in quality ingredients and specific formulations that were overlooked in many store bought products.

Some products include Sunscreens, Nano-Turmeric Facewash, C-NU Vitamin C, Exfol-A (Yellow Peel), - all composed of unique imported materials and proprietary formulations. Aveil is also India’s Largest Laser Rental Company serving more than 150 dermatologists, across 8 states.

Our Partners


Sparsh Clinic: Established in 1964 at a central Delhi location known as Khan Market, the Sparsh Clinic is a team of General Physicians, Dermatologists and Ayurvedic Physicians serving a large and loyal set of patients which include numerous embassy personnel and members of Delhi’s officialdom.


A spiritual outreach program that conducts wellness retreats globally. Samattva dives deep into ancient wisdom and bouquets traditional therapies to be understood and absorbed in our modern lifestyles.

Our Healers

Our healers range from Allopathic doctors to Yoga Acharyas, from specialists of the physical body to the wisdom of spiritual realms.
Some of our prominent healers are
Dr. Aman Sharma

Dr Aman Sharma, is a practicing Aesthetic physician, he did his M.B.B.S from H.I.M.S , Uttaranchal, following which he trained for 3 years under D.N.B DERMATOLOGY at skin institute, Delhi. He also cleared the M. Derm examination from Dr. Behl institute following which Dr Aman went to NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE, N.S.C for Fellowship in lasers and skin surgery.

He traces his heritage back to a long line of Ayurvedic physicians and this inherited knowledge forms an integral part of holistic treatments in his clinic.

Kaushal Kumar

Kaushal is a Holistic Healer and a Master Yogi. An experience which spans more than 10 years he combines several alternative healing techniques to alleviate the human condition and spread both General and Spiritual well-being. He has been a lecturer at S-Vyasa University, a coordinator at JIndal’s School of Naturopathy and at the Shillim Hilton Retreat.

Tripti Chitkara

Originating from a long line of natural clairvoyants and Gifted with divinity at a very young age, Tripti is a warm and candid Reiki grandmaster, hypnotherapist and a NLP coach. She also specializes in past life regression, advance theta healer and a self-empowerment coach . Tripti has been published in Times of India and several other publications as well as appearing on several news channels and talk shows. She has also taught at the School of Ancient Wisdom.

Anu Bhatia

Anu Bhatia is a skin and hair specialist with an experience spanning over 30 years. She combines ayurveda, nutrition and counselling to resolve problems such as acne, skin pigmentation, white patches, freckles, excessive hair fall and premature greying.

She also employs techniques such as aura reading, palmistry, meditation, behavioural/temperamental change, and pranayam to enable her client to undergo a holistic change, which then reflects on the skin and hair.

She is trained in Indian classical music and did her masters in music from Delhi University. In her childhood, she developed an interest to treat skin and hair problems. Later, she read many books on dermatology and ayurveda, and conducted several experiments with various herbs and shrubs



Phone: +91 987-369-3405
CLINIC 1: 22 Khan Market, New Delhi-110003
CLINIC 2: 29 National Park, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi 110024
RETREAT: AMASDE, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon Faridabad Road, Gurgaon, Opposite Ansal Valley View Apartments.